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Gig Contacts

Drama Boss
  • Ark Drama: Tim Kelby

    In addition to his ceremonial presidential duties, Tim acts as Ark Drama co-ordinator.

Music Boss
  • Sixth Hour Band: Andrew Collier

    Andrew is the Sixth Hour band co-ordinator. Responsible for the bleary-eyed images of the rest of the committee, he somehow managed to avoid having his photo taken at the same time. We stole this one from his website.

The Ark Committee

Mr. President
  • President: Tim Kelby

    Tim is Ark's long-standing president. He has tried to escape many times, but keeps failing.

Mr. Secretary
  • Secretary: Geoff Martin

    Geoff has returned to the role of Ark secretary this year. People hoping for organisational efficiency should be very afraid.

Ms. Treasurer
  • Junior Treasurer: Michelle Hart

    Michelle is Ark's Junior Treasurer. If we are lucky, the bank might actually realise this at some point.

Other Officials

  • Senior Treasurer: Dr. Alex Long, St. Catharine's College

  • Mascot: Prospero the Penguin

    Often found canvasing for votes at Ark AGMs, Prospero is Ark's faithful mascot. Why a penguin? Good question. Something to do with "everything being black or white with God".