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Ark - Frequently Asked Questions

Ark - FAQs

Let's face it, FAQ's rarely are frequently asked, but this page contains a bit about what Ark is, what it does, and how it can help you ...

Q: What is Ark?

A: An evangelistic music and drama group.

Q: Why do you exist?

A: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Cambridge and beyond!

Q: Where are you based?

A: Cambridge (UK).

Q: Who can make use of Ark?

A: Anyone who wishes to spread the christian message through the media of music or drama.

Q: When are you available?

A: Pretty much any time - get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Q: Is there a cost?

A: No. We offer our services freely. Our running costs are covered by annual subs and one-off donations.

Q: Can I be involved?

A: Yes! We are a student-run group, but happily accept any new members who concur with the aims of the society.