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Copyright Notice

1. The term "scripts" refers to the text of these documents in their entirety, including this copyright notice.

2. These scripts may be performed free of charge in a Christian context, provided that no entrance fee is charged and that Ark's copyright and authorship are acknowledged in any programme or credits (written or otherwise).

3. Reasonable alterations may be made for a performance of these scripts (excluding this copyright notice) as long as their message is unchanged and Ark is notified of any significant modifications.

4. Permission is given to make copies of these scripts for rehearsals either in the scripts' present form or after the modifications allowed under paragraph 3.

5. Copies of the original unmodified scripts may also be distributed. Copies are not to be sold for profit in any medium.

6. Scripts not originally written by Ark Drama are published here by permission and this copyright notice still applies. Ark undertakes to inform the original authors of any significant modifications made, as described in paragraph 3.